I’d like to teach . . .

Sigmund F. Darfinger Pavillion & Themes


found objects and reflections; personal and universal

Need to feel connected –

Universal through the Individual

Association and Differentiation

Spheres of Influence

Self Preservation

Making Friends & Influencing People

Perfect Harmony

Heart to Heart

Bas Relief

converging/diverging images – procenium, curtain

trying to catch clarity, moments of the narrative

combine building blocks – seeking to find, apply order (Cage?) – snapshots?

misdirection – magic

museum – selective engagement

random stereo conversations as soundtrack

Feet, shoes, engagement (… my son John, one shoe off, one shoe on; sacred ground, people person {purple people eater}

How to make friends and influence people.

I’d like to teach . . . (?; “the world to sing in perfect harmony; )

Begin with blackness, absence of light.

common ground


spider web


degree or depth of connection:

Small talk, heart-to-heart

How are you doing?

“GREAT!”, “Super”

“Well, my pet lampur died last night …”

Apply to images and interactive experiences.